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Are Your Motorcycle Parts Suffering From An Iron Deficiency?

moto-3.jpgIf your motorcycle is in need of a custom-built upgrade, there are some key things you can do to make your bike look great and outperform the competition. You can choose to build your bike from scratch, or you can chop-up what you have and take it to a new level.

Here’s the Scoop:

For starters, let your engine breathe through some heavy duty 2.15 inch intake, and 1.72 inch exhaust valves to start. You can get the customizing experts to rework the carb, and route the exhaust through two dual low-swept pipes.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone decided to tack on extra exhaust pipe! Who knows, it might start a new customizing trend.

Now, you have to come up with a plan to handle the massive torque loads and huge power your new “baby” will create. Here’s a thought; just a thought! Order a six-speed right side gearbox and hook up the engine to the transmission. Watch it roar with power!

Don’t be shy with the handlebars either. Be creative as possible. There’s nothing like seeing a chopper fly by with custom designed handlebars and motorcycle parts crafted from another dimension. It’ll add a whole new level of excitement and aesthetic appeal to your upgrade.

Just make sure all the hydraulic lines and cables are routed internally for a sleek clean look. Some of the custom built bikes are an architect’s dream; whereby form follows function.

There are a million things you can to do to upgrade your bike, and one of the most important is how you design the seat. OK! Who will be the first to bring back the rear seat support bar that was popular back in the day? Some motorcycle parts should be taken out of the “vintage” museum and put back on the chopper where they belong.

Times have changed, and today’s riders, both mail and female, have created a whole new generation of bike enthusiast who prefer to ride “single”.

Remember, no matter how you cut the mustard, riding safe should be a top priority. You can also upgrade your love for building motorcycles by getting the type of motorcycle career training that can make building bikes a reality.

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