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Rock Your Speaker System with New Amps-4 Buying Tips

When you’re ready to put your speakers on “blast,” car stereo amplifiers can give you the boosting power needed.

The four most important things you’ll need:

1. Release the Power

Power, is one of the most important things to consider when buying car stereo amplifiers. RMS and “peak” will be amp ratings to consider. The rating must match the rafting on your speakers and subwoofers.

The “peak” rating measures the amount of power needed by the amplifier to sudden sound bursts. Normally, the RMS rating will be the highest between the two.

2. Channel the Energy

Your next task is to consider the number of channels your car stereo amp will have. Amplifiers can house between one and seven channels, and the number of speakers are determined by the number of channels.

3. Turn up the Heat

Car stereo amplifiers on “blast” can crank up a lot of heat, and your best bet is to look for designs that have heatsinks incorporated. You’ve seen them! They’re the metal strips placed on the outside of the amplifier, and their job is to soak up the heat.

4. Connect the Amps

There’s no use having a monster speaker system in the car that can’t be connected. Make sure your car stereo amplifiers come with a preamp output. This really allows you to turn up the volume. You’ll be in your own world, and if this isn’t living, what is?

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