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Ever Thought About Supercharging Engines For A Career?

engineThe Albuquerque Tribune reported on Monday about the high-demand for performance technicians who “turn average motors into vehicular athletes.”

And that’s great for professionals who love wrenching on engines as a hobby.

“I love doing this. I love seeing the cars come together and their potential unleashed,” said Robert Rodrigo, a technician at Solid Technology since January. “Some people put pools in their backyard. We put turbos and superchargers on our motors.”

The article even includes a statement from Lane Hart, Vice President of Admissions of WyoTech, who says that “the industry is gobbling up performance techs.”

With an industry eager for performance technicians, students can look forward to getting jobs from industry heavy-hitters like the National Hot Rod Association, BMW and Flowmaster Inc., who recruit graduates.

“There’s a critical need for these guys,” Hart said.

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