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Horse Power TV Challenges WyoTech Students

Make sure you turn on Horsepower TV on September 29th so you can watch the first-ever “Scholastic Engine Builder Challenge.”

This challenge features two teams of WyoTech graduates and their instructor as they battled it out to see who could build the biggest, most powerful engine.

Both teams were given brand spanking new ZZ4 350 C.I.D engine blocks donated by General Motors, plus $5,000 for extra parts. The team had less than one week to build an engine with the most horsepower. And they had to do this with only 87-octane gas running through the engine!

Yeah, that’s right. Just 87-octane.

“The biggest challenge going in was working around the low octane gas, which doesn’t allow a high compression ratio,” said Blairsville team advisor Dominick.

“We spent a lot of time with dyno stimulation programs and online research before we ordered our parts from Summit. We also had to include room in our budget for all the bolts, gaskets, everything — not just the horsepower parts.”

The Sacramento team took a similar approach, using computer simulations right up to the last-minute ordering of parts.

“We tried to reduce parasitic losses, while maximizing timing and fuel distribution and keeping the air charge cool,” explained Sanso.

Then it was three days of prep and assembly work before the Friday dyno showdown.

But it wasn’t that simple.

The Horsepower TV crew decided to add a last-minute twist that would potentially change the outcome.

To find out who won – Blairsville or Sacramento – you gotta check out Horsepower TV on September 29th.

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