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Earl Barber Wins ‘Instructor of the Year’

WyoTech instructor, Earl Barber, was awarded ‘Instructor of the Year.’

Barber has been instructor at the WyoTech Blairsville campus for three years, and believes strongly in the value of ongoing education and professional growth.

“In today’s business environment, it’s not enough to have technical skills. We also develop our students’ need to learn solid customer handling skills–so they’ll be ready to become a manager or an owner,” said Barber.

It’s his attitude to help students prepare for the working world that helped him achieve this prestigious award.

“All WyoTech instructors are very proactive in developing new programs, so it’s a true honor to be singled out. Our main goal is to make our students employable, a directive we all take very seriously.”

With a diverse background that includes years in law enforcement and telecommunications, Barber also stresses the need to develop student’s interpersonal skills as well as their technical expertise.

Jarrett McFarland, one of his students, said “Earl Barber is an instructor you can count on. He will take the time to work with you one-on-one until you understand. He genuinely wants to see students succeed and be successful in the working world.”

And that’s the sign of a great instructor.

Congratulations, Earl Barber!

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