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How to Save Money on Gas

So if you can’t carpool or ride a bike, here are 7 simple ways to help you save gas–and the money in your wallet:

1. Close Your Windows on the Freeway
If you’re driving over 50 mph, you should definitely make your car more aerodynamic by closing your windows. If it’s a hot day, it might save you more gas by turning on the air conditioning while on the freeway than leaving your windows down.

2. Remove Extra Weight
Do you have any heavy equipment in your vehicle that you can leave in your garage? The more weight in your vehicle, the more gas you waste so try and lighten your lode whenever possible.

3. Use Your Air Conditioning Less
Air conditioning can really burn up your fuel. So try to keep it to a minimum.

4. Check Your Tire Pressure
A lot people don’t know that proper tire pressure can save you gas. As you can probably guess, it takes more gas to move a car with flat tires than fully inflated tires. So check your tire pressure on a regular basis.

5. Take the Rack of Your Vehicle
Unless your kayaking, surfing, or needing that rack on the top of your car on a regular basis, just take it off. You’d be surprised how much you could save in gas by simply taking the rack off. Some estimate that you’ll save 5 cents for every gallon of gas (depending on your vehicle of course).

6. Tune-up Your Vehicle
How’s your vehicle’s timing? How are the spark plugs? What about your air filter? Simply by getting a new air filter, new plugs, and getting your timing adjusted, you can make your car more fuel efficient.

7. Slow Down
Don’t slam on the accelerator at the next green light. Instead slowly ease into it, and you’ll be surprised how much gas you’re actually saving. And when you finally do get to a reasonable speed, try to maintain that speed. Using your accelerator peddle the right way is a key to saving money.

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